How To Make Sock Monkey?

To make a sock monkey, you’ll need some basic materials like two long, coordinating socks, a pair of scissors, a needle and thread, a piece of felt, buttons, thread, and stuffing. Start by cutting one of the socks in half halfway up from the toe.

Cut the other sock in similar fashion but measure from the heel instead of the toe so when you put the two sock halves together, the heels are opposite each other. Next, take the remaining halves and stitch them together using a needle and thread. Be sure to use a strong stitch and make sure it’s secure.

Then, create the arms and legs by sewing stuffing into the toe ends of each sock and adding a button or two for eyes. Finally, cut a triangular piece of felt to make a nose and sew it onto the head. Now you have a delightful sock monkey!

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