How To Make A Sock Monkey?

To make a sock monkey, you will need either one, or two, pair of socks, scissors, thread and needle, stuffing, and a marker. Begin by cutting the toe off of the socks. Make sure to cut straight across, and leave a gap for the stuffing to be put in.

Turn the socks inside out and stitch the sides together forming the body. Next, turn the body right side out and stuff it with stuffing until you have the form and shape you would like.

Fold the top of the socks over, creating the head and stitch it close making sure to leave an opening for the monkey’s muzzle. Stitch two black circles for eyes and draw on a little mouth with the marker.

Lastly, cut four strips of fabric and glue or sew them on the top of the head for the monkey’s ears. **Your sock monkey is now complete!**

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