How To Make A Monkey Fist With Ball Bearing?

. ?A Monkey Fist knot is an ornamental knot that is usually tied around a metallic ball bearing.

It is typically used as a type of grabbing tool, due to its solid grip. To create a Monkey Fist with a ball bearing, you will need the following materials: **60lbs nylon rope**, a ½” ball bearing, and scissors.

Begin by cutting the nylon rope to the desired length. Now, tie a series of five knots that will make up the spine of the knot. After the five are completed, double up the remaining rope and start constructing the remainder of the knot around the ball bearing.

You will do this by using the remaining rope to tie a series of small knots, evenly spaced, along the length of the rope. These knots should be snug and tight, and should tightly grip the ball bearing in the center.

Once you have completed the knots, tie a few more loops around the ball bearing in order to secure it. To finish the knot, tie the free ends of the rope into your desired shape and trim the extra.

Your Monkey Fist knot is now finished and ready for use.

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