How To Make A Monkey Balloon Animal?

edTo make a monkey balloon animal, inflate a larger-sized balloon on one side, and tie off the opening. Inflate a medium-sized balloon, insert it into the larger balloon’s knot, and twist the two balloons together at the knot.

Twist the larger balloon’s neck and make a loop for the monkey’s ear. Then, twist the larger balloon’s neck for the monkey’s head, and continue to twist the two balloons together until you reach the beginning of the larger balloon’s tail. Pinch the end of the tail, twist it, and attach it to the head to create the body.

Create the arms and legs by twisting the larger balloon three times, and then attach them to the body. Finally, create the monkey’s tail by taking the medium-sized balloon and twisting it five times.

Finally, attach it to the body to complete the monkey balloon animal.

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