How To Make A Large Monkey Fist?

To make a large monkey fist, you’ll need a lot of rope or paracord, a few feet of lighter-weight rope, and a heavy, round object such as a marble or a steel ball bearing. Begin by tying an overhand knot in the main rope, several inches from the end. Then, create an eye loop by taking the rope and forming two loops side-by-side, one loop going up and one loop going down.

Taking the rope, make a series of wraps around the object, followed by several wraps around the base of the knot. When you have enough wraps around the knot, use the lighter-weight rope to tie off the wraps.

This forms the braid and the knot. Finally, pull tightly to make sure everything holds and then trim off any excess cord.

With the excess rope, make a small handle. The final product should be a large monkey fist.

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