How Much Is A Lemur Monkey?

A lemur monkey typically costs around $2,500 USD. This price may vary depending on the size, species, and age of the lemur. The cost of a lemur monkey is relatively high compared to other types of primates, due to their unique behavior and delicate care needs.

If purchasing a lemur, you must also factor in the veterinary care costs associated with owning an exotic pet. This includes costs for vaccinations, regular check-ups, and any necessary treatments.

Additionally, you will need to provide a proper environment for the monkey to live in, such as an enclosure that is temperature-controlled, large enough to provide daily exercise and equipped with climbing and foraging structures. Overall, it is important to remember that the cost to care for a lemur monkey is quite high and ownership should be heavily researched to ensure that the environment and care is appropriate for the species.

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